For Investors Working with Financial Advisors

This course is designed to teach the novice or experienced investor how to research, analyze, and implement capital markets investments. The focus is on how a competent, unbiased and not self-interested investment professional would approach the process. We will provide an unbiased review and analysis of the various investment products available, assessing pros and cons, hidden costs, etc. In addition, we will address principles of asset allocation and their application to the investment process.

This course is intended for the individual who is working with a financial advisor or banker and wants to address particular issues related to their investments. Some of the topics covered will be customized based on the particular issues course participants would like to focus on.

The class is grounded in academic concepts but focuses on practical principles/approaches used by seasoned professionals: key concepts in practical fundamental analysis and technical analysis will be covered. We will also examine important/relevant special topics such as monetary policy and changes in market structure which affects how professionals invest.

This class is highly customized and handouts & supplemental material will be provided.


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