Learn about the fundamental elements of the options world. We will examine the how options are utilized in finance and business to enhance and protect a portfolio. What are the differences and similarities between a puts and calls? Why being long or short the market is much different from being long or short options. What the major option types traded on exchanges and how do the differences between these affect valuation. We will examine what happens when options expire and the pros and cons of early exercise factoring in dividends and interest rates.

We will peek under the hood and examine how options are valued. Using our own knowledge of the markets we will develop an understanding and rationale to intuitively value options. Building on this we will examine how we can use statistics to model the real world. This will bring us to the cornerstone of options theory, the Black- Scholes Model.

We will use graphical analysis to better understand the most common options structures. Utilizing our new found knowledge of valuation we will determine what structures best fit current market conditions in combination with our stance on market direction.

The essential risk measures of options are commonly called the Greeks. Each of the five parameters will be examined and explained. We will discover how to utilize these measurements in order to become better options traders.

All course material will be presented with a variety of relevant examples and case studies.


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