Ascend Financial Education provides a series of events on a variety of financial topics. Events are small gatherings with personalized instruction from one of our instructors, followed by discussion and a chance to speak one on one with the instructor.

Current seminars are as follows:



It is a common misconception that short selling is "dangerous" and should be avoided. In fact, shorting markets, sectors, and stocks often offer great opportunities and professional traders typically net their biggest gains on the short side.

In our 2 hour seminar on short selling, you will learn:

(1) Why short selling often presents better risk/reward opportunities than going long.
(2) How fundamental and technical analysis are at the core of shorting strategies.
(3) Why it is absolutely essential to learn market mechanics before becoming a short seller.
(4) How to manage risk on the short side.
(5) How understanding market mechanics will help you find explosive opportunities.
(6) Why it is essential to always set a clearly defined plan.

Weeknight Schedule:
6:30 pm – Check-In and Networking (coffee & refreshments)
7:00 pm – Seminar Presentation
8:45 pm – Q & A
9:00 pm – One-on-One Conference with Instructor

Weekend Schedule:
12:00 pm – Check-In and Networking (coffee & refreshments)
12:30 pm – Seminar Presentation
2:15 pm – Q & A
2:30 pm – One-on-One Conference with Instructor

Cost to attend is $ 99 with advance registration & payment and $ 139 at the event.
Events are given throughout August and September (see dates & times below) and click on "Register" for registration steps and payment.

There are no up-coming events

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