Geared for the active investor or day trader who wants to avoid jumping into the markets before learning the required skills or wants to complete his/her existing background. Specifically, the class is designed for the active investor, position trader, swing trader, day trader, and scalp trader.

We will focus on understanding, researching, analyzing, and executing investments and trades using an approach based on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and catalyst-driven approaches, typically combining the three.

The course participant will learn principles of classical technical analysis, elements of behavioral finance, as it relates to price movement in markets, as well as risk and trade management. The focus will be on practical aspects and approaches adopted by seasoned professionals, while weeding out all the noise. Note that there are hundreds of books and "gurus" out there highlighting impractical and ineffective approaches which are rarely used in practice (as well as making false promises).

Finally, the course will examine concepts in monetary policy and changes in market structure, and their impact on trading and investment.

This course is highly customized and we will use a case study approach.


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