We live in a new age of information excess as well as challenging and continuously changing market conditions. Today, your most valuable asset is not just information but an understanding of the fundamentals; specifically, a keen understanding of trading and investment principles, applied as a set of actionable trading strategies and tactics.

Whether you're a professional trader looking to improve and protect your trades or an investor seeking to better understand and communicate with your financial advisor, Ascend Financial Education offers training that helps you trade and invest more intelligently and strategically. This includes helping you increase long-term returns while protecting against portfolio-damaging downside risk.

Founded by investment professionals with a combined 40+ years of trading, portfolio analysis, investments, and sales and training experience at institutions such as Morgan Stanley, UBS, and Dun & Bradstreet, we created this program from decades of personal observation and analysis of literally hundreds of traders worldwide.




Actionable Principles

We're grounded in theory but focused on practice. You'll receive the benefit of education based on solid academic principles, but focused on relevant and actionable concepts taught by practicing industry professionals.

Saves You Time & Money

When it comes to investing and trading, learning by trial and error tends to be very costly: just one minor mistake is guaranteed to cost you more than the price of a course at Ascend Financial Education.

No Conflicts of Interest

Unlike many other financial education seminars or courses in the industry, we pride ourselves on having ZERO conflicts of interest: we don't have any hidden agendas to sell financial products or investment vehicles.

Flexibility in Approach

Our courses are designed for both the self-directed investor and for the investor who works with financial advisors or private bankers. We cover a variety of trending and popular topics -- such as options, futures, and short-selling -- relevant to many investors and traders.

Personalized Instruction

Unlike volume-based training institutes, we offer customized & personalized instruction. Our courses are small (max. of 10 participants), with Q & A and plenty of opportunities to speak one on one with instructors about your individual trades.
We also offer one-on-one instruction, training, and consulting

A Case Study Methodology

Market structure, backdrop, and market and financial conditions are constantly in flux. We reflect this in our approach: we use a case studies approach which highlight the very latest news and trends.

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